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Man Arrested in Wyoming May Have Mexican Cartel Connections

The Mexican drug cartels do reach well into the United States. According to an MLive report, one man arrested from a home in a Wyoming neighborhood for possession of more than 330 pounds of marijuana, may have connections that extend to one of these powerful crime rings.

Francisco Javier Rivera-Hidalgo has been arraigned on marijuana and cocaine delivery charges. He was labeled by the judge as having Mexican drug cartel connections and considered an extreme flight risk.

Metropolitan Enforcement Team officers and the Wyoming Police searched two houses in Wyoming as part of an ongoing investigation. Rivera-Hidalgo was arrested at the first house, where police confiscated 11 pounds of marijuana, three grams of cocaine and two guns. The larger cache of drugs was found in the second home. Officers estimated that drugs found to be worth $500,000.

Due to his suspected connections and his likelihood of fleeing before his trial, Rivera-Hidalgo was held on $2.5 million bond. This gentleman must have an interpreter to communicate for upcoming hearings in court.

When interviewed, a man snowblowing a driveway near the home where Rivera-Hidalgo and the drugs were found commented that he had known the defendant. "I didn't have any idea he was involved in that," said John English. "He's a good guy. But you never know.”

The consistent blend of immigrants into the United States, as well as a consistently increasing drug consuming population makes it increasingly difficult to pinpoint who may or may not have connections with drug traffickers. As law enforcement continue the battle, legislatures are considering current laws in place and debating whether it is time for change.

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