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Man Asks for Jail Time When Charged With Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs

When dealing with an overwhelming drug addiction, facing jail time could be the one thing that saves a person’s life. A news piece in This Lancashire captured the story of a man who sought relief by asking a judge to send him to jail.

This convicted drug dealer, Ali Hussain, 33, had a £900 ($553) stash of almost 2,000 temazepam tablets at his home in Nelson. Hussain claimed he had been prescribed the pills in Pakistan to help him in withdrawal, but this led to a relapse into taking heroin. Hussain planned to sell his haul.

Hussain was found to have £12,000 (almost $7400) in two bank accounts and will face a proceeds of a crime hearing. Hussain was given 45 months behind bars for possessing heroin with intent to supply in December 2003. In this latest round, Hussain was sentenced to 16 months.

Judge Beverley Lunt said: “You have a previous conviction for possessing heroin with intent to supply yet you are still prepared to bring so many tablets back to this country from Pakistan.”

Police searched Hussain’s home and found 150 tablets in a drawer, 1,740 temazepan tablets, a list and some cash under the bed. According to the attorney for Hussain, the defendant had a long standing addiction to drugs and understands this addiction cannot go on forever.

Given the fact that Hussain was jailed once before due to drug issues and he still emerged to break the law again, it is unclear whether serving time at this point will make any difference in his addiction or his approach once he is released.

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