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Man Escapes Arrest in Omaha Drug Bust

Drugs are a problem in Omaha and there are some individuals who are moving large amounts of narcotics. According to a recent news report, police are cracking down on such dealers.

A recent arrest of seven people suspected of such dealings also resulted in the escape of another. In the process of securing the other individuals, Edward Smith Jr. slipped away and has now been listed as Crime Stoppers most wanted, according to police.

The sweep was conducted on May 24th as local and federal authorities completed a six-month investigation. In the process of this undercover operation, officers working among the dealers were able to buy drugs from the group and watch them sell the drugs to others within the city.

The target of the overall investigation was eight suspected crack dealers, seven of which were captured that day. Mr. Smith was able to successfully avoid arrest. According to police description, Smith is African American, 29 years old, 6 feet tall and weighs roughly 230 pounds.

Described as dangerous and devious, Mr. Smith goes by the name A-Wack and Edward Allen. Police note Smith will grow mustaches, beards or goatees to try and avoid detection. He has been known to run among friends in the north Omaha and Benson areas.

Drug investigations can be a tricky task for any police force to undertake and the escape of a prime suspect does not negate the overall value of the success of the case. What it can do, unfortunately, is put some officers at risk and make Mr. Smith all the wiser for the next raid.


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