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Man Introduces Innovation Into Schemes for Finding Money to Feed Addiction

A desire for illegal drugs can require some innovative thinking when it comes to funding a habit. According to a report in The Star Press, Chad Terrell had such thinking when he committed home improvement fraud, theft, and identity deception to feed his appetite for drugs.

The 36-year-old man is accused of accepting $1,079.65 for material costs from a Muncie woman after they came to an agreement he would build a fence on her property. This fence was never built, but the money was certainly collected and spent.

Terrell also stole a laptop computer and a child’s motor scooter from another woman’s home. Court documents showed these items were traded for drugs. Another man’s credit card was used to pay for a room at the Best Western motel. The same card was used to make purchases from “D&T Motor Sports”.

The laptop was stolen from a home where Terrell had apparently been called to make plumbing repairs. The computer was later traded for drugs. In a separate incident, Terrell put a 40-inch flat screen TV in a shopping cart in a Wal-Mart before racing out of the store without paying.

Innovation apparently can easily be lacking in intelligence as Terrell was interviewed only hours earlier by a city police officer regarding another theft. The officer had little trouble identifying Terrell on the surveillance video.

Terrell had been arrested in 2007 after he forged more than $2,300 in checks stolen from his grandmother’s home. He was able to easily get to the checks as she was away from the home, watching Terrell’s son play baseball. He pleaded guilty to forgery, placing the blame for his actions on his drug addiction.

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