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Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges; Organized Crime Association

Organized crime can easily credit much of its activities to the drug trade. If a community can crack down on the level of organized crime, it can crack down on drugs. A recent news report shows a Tampa man has been arraigned on federal racketeering and racketeering conspiracy along with John “Junior” Gotti. Both men pleaded guilty.

James V. Cadicamo, former manager of the Club Mirage in Tampa, is a known associate of the Gambino organized crime family. As part of his plea agreement, he is likely to receive between 7.5 and 9.5 years in federal prison. He is set for sentencing in September in New York.

The guilty indictment to which Cadicamo pled was for the distribution of marijuana, a conspiracy to rob drug dealers in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Long Island and a conspiracy to tamper with a witness in Tampa federal court.

Prosecutors also claim Cadicamo conspired to kill or beat Michael Malone, the Tampa witness in another organized crime trial. According to prosecutors, he sought to prevent Malone from testifying and to retaliate against him for his cooperation. Cadicamo claims he is guilty of association.

Cadicamo was arrested in 2008 along with four other men. He was charged with participating in a vast racketeering conspiracy under the umbrella of the Gambino crime family. The indictment detailed murders, robberies and drug crimes in New York and New Jersey.

Cadicamo claims the association is false. "There is no Gambino crime family," Cadicamo said in one of two telephone conversations from the Citrus County Jail. "That's the thing I can't believe. Where's the Gambino crime family?"

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