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Man Sentenced for Alcohol-Induced Crime Spree

Alcohol can lead a person to do unmentionable things, as displayed by the activities of a former Canada Post employee. This individual went on an alcohol-induced crime spree last summer that included theft of a company vehicle and a number of break-ins. According to a recent article in the Telegraph Journal, this individual is asking to redeem himself.

Paul Joseph Ronald Roy asked the court last week to be lenient on him and not place him behind bars so that he could made amends. Judge Alfred Brien imposed a global conditional sentence of two years less a day, with house arrest, to be served in the community. Roy was also played on three years of supervised probation.

Roy had pleaded guilty to four charges during an earlier court appearance and while the Judge did believe Roy’s remorse was genuine, he believed restitution was important. As such, Roy is ordered to pay nearly $1900 pay to those he damaged in his spree.

Roy must also perform 200 hours of community service by June 28, in addition to abstaining from alcohol and drugs. He must attend Alcoholics Anonymous and complete treatment and counseling for his alcohol addiction.

Margaret Gallagher served as Roy’s defense counsel and sought community-based sentencing as all offences were driven by alcohol.

Brien’s response, "Mr. Roy was a train wreck in which he had abandoned consideration for anyone else (out of a need) for alcohol," he said. "It appears when a number of things hit his plate, he took a wrecking-ball" approach to things.

Brien noted that he believes the sentence he has handed down reflects the upset and hardship Roy had caused his victims.

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