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Men Arrested for Juarez House Party Slayings

The Mexican military is making some headway in its quest to arrest those responsible for the killings of 15 people at a house party in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in January. The total number of those arrested has now reached seven, while one suspect has also been killed.

According to a CNN report, the military arrested Heriberto Martinez, a member of the Aztecas, a Juarez street gang that acts as the Juarez cartel’s enforcers. Martinez is accused of committing at least four killings and acted as a lookout during the house party massacre.

The incident included the slaying of 15 people, most of whom were students with no ties to organized crime. The slayings are assumed to be the result of bad intelligence by the cartel and by the gang that carried out the killings.

Luis Alberto Camacho Ramos, alias "El Shoker" or "El Flaco," was also arrested. According to documents obtained by CNN, Ramos confessed to participating in the house party killings.

Documents show that at least one of the four men recently arrested, Alfredo Arias, was singled out during testimony by Aldo Favio Hernandez Lozano, alias "El 18." Lozano was a municipal police officer who was arrested last month on charges by state prosecutors that he was a hit man in the January killings.

The Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office issued a press release that cited Arias as the gunman in the strip-club shooting through surveillance video taken at the club. The release also cited Arias as the apparent leader of the drug cell, “Los Linces” and this cell ordered the killings on January 31.

Another man identified as the mastermind behind the killings Adrian Ramirez Armendariz, alias "El Rama" was identified as the mastermind behind the killings and was killed by the Mexican military days after the house party killings.

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