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Mexican Authorities Cite Drug Related Crimes

When citizens vote in their school board members, they naturally assume they are stellar members of society. In the case of a Southern California school board member, murder, drugs and a cartel are all tied into the investigation.

Fox News reported that Mexican prosecutors are linking this murder to a cartel hit, saying it has all the telltale signs.

According to a Durango state Attorney General’s Office spokesman, authorities suspect a drug gang is involved in the killing of Augustin Roberto "Bobby" Salcedo, a 33-year-old board member.

Even with these assumptions investigators have not yet determined whether Salcedo – who was kidnapped and killed along with five other men – had any links to organized crime.

Salcedo worked as an assistant high school principal and was serving a second term as a school board member in El Monte, near Los Angeles.

In a similar Fox News piece, Mexican authorities have arrested seven police officers suspected of being connected to drug cartels. Authorities plan to hold the officers for 40 days while they are investigated. The arrest was made in the border city of Tijuana.

This arrest comes on the heels of a former Tijuana policeman, accused of leading at least 10 criminal cells working for Teodoro Garcia Simental, who was assumed to have broken away from the Felix cartel to branch out on his own.

All told, 29 police officers were killed last year in Tijuana, just across the border from San Diego.

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