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Mexican Cartel Problems Spill Into United States

The war overseas continues to grab more and more media attention, yet it is the war against drugs that has claimed the lives of more than the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

A Fox News report shows the full-blown narco-insurgency has claimed more than 17,000 lives, including combatants and innocents, and threatens to undo several democratically elected governments. The war also poses a real and present danger to the United States. This particular war is being fought from the Andean basic all the way north to the Rio Grande.

The Mexican drug cartels waging the violence in specific cities are competing for the distribution rights in the lucrative marijuana, hashish and cocaine markets within the United States. The DEA claims most of the Mexican cartels have become the “delivery service” for cocaine that originates in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela.

This export service has grown to include violence. The Department of Justice is reporting that cartel “hit teams” have carried out murders and kidnappings in more than 230 American cities.

When Fox News accompanied DEA and Customs and Border Patrol agents on patrols along the border, they described routine ambushes and shootouts that take place when heavily-armed cartel members are moving narcotics north. The Department of Justice describes Mexican drug cartels as the largest threat to both citizens and law enforcement agencies.

One area where the Obama administration seems to be falling down on the job is their inability to stop the flow of money south. Companies like Western Union are used to conducting illicit financial transactions. Cartels are continuously seeking new ways to move money and drugs. As long as these pathways are open for them, the crimes will continue.

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