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Mexican Cartels Cloning Border Vehicles to Smuggle Drugs

If those individuals who are put in place to protect civilians cannot be trusted because their identity is difficult to ascertain, all could be at risk. According to a recent Washington Examiner post, Mexican drug cartels are using "cloned” Border Patrol vehicles to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Federal agents along the Texas border have been warned about this activity by the Department of Homeland Security. A DHS report was sent to Border Patrol officials asking agents and law enforcement officials to be on alert for a cloned market Crown Victoria, the same vehicle type used by agents along the border.

Law enforcement along the border warn that cloned vehicles post a significant problem for both law enforcement and citizens. One U.S. law official said in the Examiner, "It's especially dangerous since attacks against federal and local law enforcement agents has increased over the past year. The cartels are finding more innovative ways to move across the border and we have to be one step ahead of them."

Figures show that the danger has increased for federal agents working on the border. According to Steven Cribby, a spokesman for the DHS, assaults on Border Patrol agents are up 16 percent compared to last year. One official highlighted that cloned vehicles have been used for years to smuggle drugs.

Law enforcement officers are also becoming corrupted by drug money and authorities in Texas are noticing violations across the border by Mexican police happening more frequently.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas noted, "People who say that the violence on the border won't come into the U.S. live in never-never land," he said. "They don't see what's happening now. We should not wait until something tragic happens before we do something about it."

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