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Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Killed, War of Violence Expected to Ignite

While it may stand to reason that the elimination of a drug cartel leader should hamper the success of its drug trade; in truth it could launch a violent war. According to an article in the USA Today, the killing of a notorious Mexican drug cartel leader is expected to touch off a violent war between rival gangs.

The killing of Arturo Bertan Leyva and four gang members was referred to by President Felipe Calderon as "an important achievement for the people and government of Mexico and a heavy blow against one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Mexico."

The LA Times also quoted Alberto Islas, a Mexico City-based security analyst as saying Bertran Levya’s death was an important step. Unfortunately, “at the end of the day, you're not going to reduce the market.You take out one guy and somebody else will take his place," he told the paper. "But this is violent."

A report in the Houston Chronicle described the fierce assault on the condo where Bertan Leyva was staying in Cuernavaca. This assault involved as many as 50 marines rappelling from helicopters onto the rooftops of the drug lord’s gated complex. Another 150 marines arrived by truck or armored car.

The amount of money involved in this cartel is something that will drive the emergence of another leader, although the battle for dominance may come through violence. Either way, the war in this territory is not anywhere close to being over.

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