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Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Into U.S.

The violence associated with the Mexican drug cartels continues to intensify. A recent Press TV post reported that this violence has claimed the lives of 29 people, including two state police officers and six women.

According to the deputy prosecutor’s office of Chihuahua State, the two state police officers were killed as they left an auto body shop. Another 13 individuals were killed in separate attacks in Ciudad Juarez, known as the deadliest Mexican city.

Among the victims was one female activist who led protests against alleged rights abuses perpetrated by policy and military in their fight against organized crime. Other parts of Chihuahua State – which lies on key drug routes for trafficking – were home to the killings of 14 others.

Since 2006, Mexican drug cartels have been responsible for violently killing 15,000 people. The Mexican government has deployed thousands of soldiers to the region, but to date has done nothing to bring the violence under control.

This lack of control should be concerning for Americans as it could easily spread into the states. Reports out of Atlanta show that the violence of these cartels has reached this popular city in the southern state of Georgia.

Atlanta has already become a major distribution hub for Mexican drug cartels and U.S. federal agents are fighting to keep the violence from taking over the city. In 2008, authorities confiscated roughly $70 million in drug-related cash in Atlanta, more than anywhere else in the United States.

"There is definitely a center of this type of drug activity here, and we are working to make sure the violence does not spill out to the general public," Atlanta U.S. Attorney David Nahmias told CNN.

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