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Mexican Drug Violence Continues with Brutal Slaying

The escapades of the Mexican drug cartels seem to be intensifying as the latest news in the New York Times shows the body of 36-year-old Hugo Hernandez found in brutal condition.

The streets of Los Mochis contained seven pieces of Hernandez’s body, meant to be a chilling threat to members of the Juarez drug cartel. A note attached to the body read, ''Happy New Year, because this will be your last.''

As if this brutality was not enough to make their point, the killers also skinned Hernandez’s face and stitched it to a soccer ball.

The murder and subsequent finding of the body was confirmed by state prosecutors and is being considered a representation of a new level of brutality in Mexico’s drug war. As the violence continues, torture and beheadings seem to be a nearly daily occurrence.

Hernandez was kidnapped in Sonora state, an area known for marijuana production, on January 2 and taken to Sinaloa. There has not yet been a clear motive identified in the abduction and killing.

According to prosecutors, Hernandez’s torso was found in a plastic container in one location; another box contained his arms, legs and skull. The face sewn to the soccer ball was placed in a plastic bag and left near City Hall.

Three years ago, President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown on cartels in Mexico. Since that time, more than 15,000 people have been killed with much of the violence occurring in the border cities of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana. Sinaloa state is known as Mexico’s drug-smuggling heartland and is home to the leadership of four of the six major cartels in the country.

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