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Mexican President Losing Ground in Drug War

Violence as a result of the Mexican drug war continues to impact innocent victims. Reuters reported recently that the angry families of 15 people killed by gunmen during a high-school party near the United States’ border are blaming Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon for his failure to prevent the mass killing.

The Senate has also demanded an explanation of how 13 teenagers and two adults could so easily be gunned down at a birthday party in Ciudad Juarez when a heavy army presence in the city was placed there to maintain drug violence.

Oscar Arroyo has been presented to the media as being suspected of involvement in the attack. Arroyo said he had been paid by the Juarez cartel to keep an eye out for police while hit men attacked the party.

"The federal government will analyze extending and strengthening its strategy in Ciudad Juarez," Calderon said during an official visit to Japan.

Calderon noted that he plans to place a bigger emphasis on social issues and not just crack down on crime overall. While forces continue to be present in Ciudad Juarez, many have failed to make an impact. A great number of Mexicans are losing patience with Calderon as his war on drugs continues to drive violence.

Recalling the day of the party massacre, witnesses say hit men jumped out of sport utility vehicles and sprayed bullets at the teenagers who had been celebrating a classmate’s birthday. The celebration took place just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

According to recent reports, some 2,650 people died in drug violence in Ciudad Juarez last year and murders have jumped since the start of 2010.

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