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Mexico Sees Extreme Violence Over Weekend

While drug violence in Mexico has become standard news, this past weekend has proven to be one of the bloodiest. The NY Times reported 21 people were killed across the nation on Sunday, including 10 young people and children traveling in a pickup truck in Durango State.

The only positive light in the bleak weekend was the announcement that an arrest had been made in connection with the death of three people with ties to the United States Consulate in Ciudad Juarez.

The individuals slain in Durango had been traveling from a farming community where they resided to the town of Los Naranjos to collect federal financial aid for students, according to prosecutors.

The van was waved to a stop by a man in military garb. When the vehicle stopped, the man and an unknown number of other attackers riddled the van with bullets and three grenades at the young people inside.

Victims of this massacre ranged in age from 8 to 21. A motive has yet to be determined, yet Federal Interior Secretary Fernando Gómez-Mont said the Sinaloa drug gang has been actively waging war in the region with the Zetas, fomer Gulf cartel members who splintered off from this group to form their own drug trafficking organization.

The same weekend, authorities in Chihuahua State reported the arrest of a reputed leader of the Barrio Azteca prison gang, Ricardo Valles de la Rosa in connection with the killing of a pregnant American consulate worker and her husband. This arrest comes after the FBI swept through El Paso on March 18, arresting more than 100 members of the street gang involved and interrogating them about the killings.

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