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New Zealand Officials Cracking Down on Methamphetamine Crimes

Officials in Australia and New Zealand appear to be tired of the drug crime problems as of late. Criminals in the drug trade are being targeted in an effort to reduce methamphetamine and drug trafficking.

A recent report out of New Zealand examined the focus of national crime manager Detective Superintendent Win Van der Velde. A series of operations in the last two months of 2009 targeted methamphetamine manufacturers and distributors.

These 12 operations included more than 380 staff and resulted in almost 400 arrests for drug-related offenses. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine, cannabis, stolen property and property obtained as the result of criminal activity.

"In December alone, provisionally 19 clan labs were discovered and dismantled, bringing the provisional total for 2009 to 137," Mr. Van der Velde said in the report. "We know that organized crime is the driving force behind the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine.

Van der Velde went on to highlight that the work of his team over the past few months has disrupted organized crime networks and is part of a specific methamphetamine control strategy.

To give police officials more of an advantage, they have been able to increase their enforcement and legislative powers as a result of the government’s tougher stance against methamphetamine. This national plan was put in place to disrupt the supply of methamphetamine, reduce methamphetamine-related crime and recover any profits made in this area.

"New asset recovery legislation has strengthened our ability to divest organized criminals of the profits and assets accumulated through illegal activity and we know that a lot of those profits come from the manufacture of methamphetamine,” said Van der Velde.

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