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Police Increasingly Threatened by Drug Violence

Two police officers in the southern state of Guerrero are no longer missing. According to a recent news report, their bodies were found cut into pieces and shoved into two black bags. The bagged body parts were found by officials at 3:15 a.m. outside police headquarters in Guerrero’s capital city, Chilpancingo.

One victim was a regional commander, the other a state police officer. Drug cartel killers are known to attach messages to bodies and notes written on yellow cards were attached to the bags. Officials refused to disclose the content of the notes.

In Acapulco, police later found another two mutilated bodies and a threatening message outside the house of the city’s former deputy traffic police chief. The victims were identified as the former deputy chief’s nephews.

This recent flood of violence appears to be targeting police officers. While some may be facing threats from the cartels, others are a threat to the system. Nuevo Leon governor, Rodrigo Medina, announced that he was firing 81 state police officers suspected of corruption.

The police chief of the city of Santa Catarina narrowly avoided death by gunmen believed to be connected to drug traffickers. Gunmen attacked a convoy of vehicles carrying Police Chief Rene Castillo Sanchez and other authorities shortly after the arrest of several suspected drug dealers.

The Mexican military had established a checkpoint between Acapulco and the city’s airport Sunday evening after a man was killed in a shootout involving gunmen riding in separate vehicles. The violence erupted after the deaths of five men who pulled guns on each other during an early morning fight that began as an argument at a wedding the night before.

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