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Sanctions Added for Colombian Drug Lord

Sanctions Added for Colombian Drug Lord

Will new sanctions have an impact on a drug trafficker and money laundered? According to a Reuters piece, the Treasury is using this approach with a whole network in an attempt to make it harder for them to conduct business in the United States.

New sanctions were imposed against the network of an alleged Colombian drug trafficker and money launderer who has been previously linked to the North Valle cocaine cartel.

In a move than bans U.S. individuals from doing business with them and attempts to freeze any assets these players may have under U.S. jurisdiction, the Treasury department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has added Ramon Quintero Sanclemente to its list of specifically designated narcotics traffickers. This division also added 19 other individuals and 16 entities within Sanclemente’s organization to the list.

Sanclemente had previously been blacklisted by the Treasury department in November of 2005 for providing support to North Valle drug cartel leader Wilber Varela. The new sanctions are designed to reflect Sanclemente’s increased role in drug trafficking activities since Valera’s death in 2008.

"Ramon Quintero Sanclemente was a top-level lieutenant in the North Valle drug cartel who now heads his own significant drug trafficking organization in Colombia," OFAC director Adam Szubin said in a statement. "Today's designation targets not only Quintero Sanclemente's numerous illicit assets and a key money laundering network but also his right hand man Mario German Satizabal Rengifo."

Sanclemente also has pending indictments from 1999 and 2008 for drug trafficking and money laundering. He is known to be closely aligned with Cali-based drug lord Luis Enrique Calle Serna, a blacklist member since 2005.

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