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Study Demonstrates Young Men Still Living at Home at Greater Risk for Violent Behavior

Some experts may argue that anger and its express action is a choice, while others would take the position that it is the product of a person’s surroundings. In reality, both may be true, making it important to understand why people will lash out at others.

A recent Science Daily piece examined a study which surveyed the likelihood of violence in young men who stay at home rather than live independently. According to this study, men in their twenties who live at home have fewer responsibilities and more disposable income to spend on such things as alcohol.

While this group of individuals only makes up for four percent of the male population in the UK, it is responsible for 16 percent of all violent injuries in the last five years. These findings are a serious issue as delaying social independence and remaining in the parental home have become more common in the past 40 years in the UK and in the United States.

According to survey work completed by Professor Jeremy Coid and Dr Ming Yang, this was the first time data supported the theory suggesting staying in the parental home is a stronger risk factor for young men’s violence than any other factor.

Professor Coid said in Science Daily: "Young adult men living at home in Britain are no longer influenced by parents to conform to standards of behavior expected of previous generations. Violence outside of the home, mainly involving strangers, is the most common scenario and just one of a series of hedonistic and negative social behaviors such as hazardous drinking, drug misuse, sexual risk taking, and non-violent antisocial behavior.

Coid also noted there are more common behaviors among young men who do not have responsibilities of providing their own accommodations, supporting dependent children or experiencing beneficial effects on their behavior from living with a female partner. These behaviors lead to specific actions, including greater alcohol consumption and violent action.

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