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Undercover Initiative Launched in Delphos Results in 19 Arrests

The largest round-up of drug offenders in Delphos in 30 years produced indictments against 19 residents for drug-related offenses. According to a Delphos Herald article, Grand Jury indictments for drug-related offenses for such instances as trafficking and permitting abuse were issued.

Indictments were handed down by Allen and Van Wert county Grand Jury as served by the Delphos Police Department and the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force. Police Chief Fittro noted that this latest round will greatly reduce the incidences of drug-related offenses and associated spin-off crimes.

Over the last two years, the City of Delphos has experienced an increase in drug-related offenses, spurring an undercover operation within the city to reduce the problem. The initiative began in the summer of 2009 and ended with the issuance of 19 arrest warrants.

“We have people ask us all the time what we are doing about the drugs. Sometimes we can’t answer because of operations like this,” Delphos Assistant Police Chief Dave Clark said in the Herlad. “This was an almost year-long investigation. We can’t say anything because it would jeopardize the operation.”

Many of the individuals arrested in this initiative have had extensive contact with law enforcement in the past, which resulted in misdemeanor and felony arrests. The Delphos Police Department and the WCOCTF plan to continue to investigate drug related offenses within the City of Delphos in an effort to reduce drug abuse and trafficking activity.

“This would not have been possible without the assistance of these other agencies, [such as the WCOCTF]” Chief Fittro said. “We conducted simultaneous warrant arrests in the quickest manner possible to keep anyone from using a cell phone to tip the others off.”

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