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U.S. Authorities Granting Leniency for Cartel Leaders Sharing Information

It seems the crack down on Mexican drug cartels is not as strong as some U.S. authorities may have the public believe. According to a Knox News piece, the U.S. boss of one of the more violent cartels has enjoyed some key perks since his arrest at the border.

It seems Joseu Correa has traveled to Williamsport, PA to accompany his son on a Little League baseball trip; traveled to Texas for his sister's graduation from Texas State in San Marcos; vacationed with his family in Panama City; and visited Las Vegas twice for a builders’ association meeting and a trade show.

What is maybe more surprising is the fact that all of these trips were completed with the blessings of the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of Texas. Even as this report was completed, Correa is still a free man, running a construction business in Dallas.

Many are wondering why Correa is free and why he is allowed to continue to run a business and live in a home that were both purchased with drug funds. Authorities are not sharing their reasons, but speculations surround the value of insider information - of which Correa has plenty.

Correa and a number of his subordinates have testified in the past two weeks in the U.S. District Court in Knoxville in the trial of Donald Ray Reynolds, Jr. While Correa himself has confessed to peddling 1,300 kilos on his own, he has been allowed to plead to a much lower volume. With this arrangement, Correa was allowed to walk into the courtroom a free man and in the same way.


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