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Woman Blames Drug Addiction for Savage Murder

Drug addiction can cause a myriad of crimes, some foreseeable and others, unmentionable. The latter applies to the case of Gloria Carter and what she allegedly did to her boyfriend’s 3-week-old son.

According to a report in the Philly News, Carter supposedly became delusional from drug addiction and cut open the abdomen of the baby, whose father reported he found Carter standing over the boy.

Colvin, the boy’s father, struggled with Carter, who then threw the baby down a flight of stairs. When police arrived, the boy was found in a back bedroom with organs protruding from his wound. He was taken to Cooper University Hospital, but died the next day.

The infant’s mother, Stella Farrish, told Superior Court Judge Samuel Natal, "I sit and think about what he would be like today," before breaking down in sobs.

Farrish had been incarcerated on a probation violation one week after the birth of her son. While Farrish had struggled with her own drug addiction, she did not believe it was a sound explanation for Carter’s crime. She believes jealousy may have been the motive.

Carter told the court only that she was very sorry. Farrish is trying to raise two other children, while trying to remember the infant she barely knew outside of the womb. "She can have the bad memories," Farrish said of Carter. "I hope she never forgets it."

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