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Woman Claims Police Failed to Protect Drug Informant Husband

If a man dies at the hands of a drug cartel when acting as an informant for the police, who is at fault? According to a piece in the Court House News, a murdered man’s widow finds fault with the Phoenix Police Department for failing to protect her informant husband.

The widow, Jane Doe Orazco, claims the cartel forced her late husband, Ymer, into an adult diaper, beat him and then suffocated him with a plastic bag. A milk-truck driver, Ymer had also been an informant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Ymer was an attractive recruit for Mexican drug traffickers as he was a truck driver with no criminal history. He refused the position and then reported the recruitment to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

"Mr. Orozco was not a 'criminal informant,'" she said in the News, "an individual who informs in order to obtain preferences within the criminal justice system or to advance the agenda of a criminal enterprise. Rather, he acted as an informant in order to assist the police. He was just trying to be a good citizen."

When Phoenix police pulled over two men planning to meet Ymer for a cocaine drop, the police stripped the car of its cocaine, making it look like a robbery in the process. The men suspected Ymer as the culprit in the robbery. His recent escape from town – at the suggestion of police – made him look guilty, especially when he refused to return.

The Phoenix Police Department set up a plan to use Ymer again, unaware the drug cartel would send in a man to deal with the missing cocaine. Ymer was lured into their car and in pursuit, the police lost sight of the vehicle. Ymer’s body was found the next day.

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