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Woman Steals from Charities to Support Drug Habit

Stealing to support a drug habit is one thing, stealing from children to buy drugs is worse. Settling on an even lower level are those who steal from charities designed to help children. One woman sank as low as to qualify for the third category, adding stealing from the blind to her list.

According to a report in This Is South Devon Co. UK, a woman was found with a stolen collection tin. Sarah Symes was found in a public bathroom with the opened charity collection box for Chernobyl Children. Ironically, the box had been wrapped in police crime prevention leaflets.

Symes pleaded guilty to stealing the charity box, as well as its contents. She also admitted to taking three mobile phones from a collection box for Guide Dogs for the Blind. According to prosecutor Lyndsey Baker, police were called when a woman reported seeing Symes counting money in the public bathroom.

According to Baker, the box had been broken into and money stolen. When Symes was arrested, she was searched and money was found on her person. Officers expressed concern that Symes did not show any remorse for her actions.

The Chernobyl Children’s charity was created to help provide four-week vacations for children affected by the contamination after the nuclear disaster. A representative of the charity said in a statement to the court:

“I am really disappointed that this has happened. That money is meant for people that live in really dire conditions. This money is lifesaving for these children. They live in contaminated areas and then someone just goes and steals that donation."

Symes has apparently been battling with a drug addiction, stealing from whatever and whomever she could to support her habit.

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