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Are you wondering if a person is currently an inmate in prison or was a prison inmate in the past?

Many states have their correctional institutions online and will include a search feature.
The information you will need about the prisoner to conduct your search will vary by state.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

The BOP offers a wide variety of resources for finding out about federal prisoners. Their inmate search allows you to find inmates from 1982 to the present. You can search by inmate register number, DCDC number, FBI number, INS number, or by inmate's first name and last name. Go to Federal Inmate Search


Did you know that in 1970 about 17% of Federal prisoners were in prison due to a drug-related offense, and that peaked in the 1990s to about 60% of prisoners, and is around 55% now? This means that the majority of prisoners are in prison due to drug-related offenses. Unfortunately, this dramatic increase in drug-related convictions does not seem to have resulted in a decrease in use that reflects this high incarceration rate (most reports show a much higher decrease in the use of alcohol than in illegal drugs).

Some more interesting facts about Federal prison inmates:

More than 93% of inmates are male
More than 56% of inmates are white, about 40% are black
Almost 17% of inmates are Mexican citizens
The average age is 38
The largest percentage of prisoners is serving a 5-10-year sentence
Drug offenses make up most of the convictions (around 55%), with weapons charges, which includes explosives and arson, at around 12% of convictions. Immigration violations come up 3rd, with around 11% of prisoners being convicted of this type of offense.

Prison Inmate Search by State:

Florida Department of Corrections, Florida State Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

Illinois Department of Corrections, Illinois Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

Georgia Department of Corrections, Georgia Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Oklahoma Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

California Department of Corrections Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

Michigan Department of Corrections Inmate Locator / Inmate Search

Department of Corrections listings for other states

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