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SecurityTools: Internet Privacy

Read our important new article on how you might be a victim of spyware/adware!

Special Notice: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a web site to warn you about the global electronic surveillance system known by the code name "Echelon." Many have suspected the existence of this system that allows the United States and other governments to eavesdrop on private citizens, but the U.S. denies it. You think your phone conversations and email are private? Think again. Check out the ACLU web site.

Professional Resources

Net Detective

This software shows you how to cloak your e-mail to protect yourself from spammers or stalkers and how to track Internet activity on your computer so you can make sure your children are not visiting dangerous or inappropriate sites. Also helps with non-Internet issues, including information on how to tell if your telephone is tapped. Right now they are also offering a free bonus of special encryption software that protects your computer from prying eyes, plus another bonus that helps you find out what the FBI knows about you. If you think your life is a closed book, think again!

privacy It's None of Your Business!

This consumer's handbook for protecting privacy will be invaluable in avoiding such nightmares as credit theft, identity fraud, and loss of assets due to scam artists. Take control of your private information!

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