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Terrorism: References & Resources
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  • ABC New Age of Terrorism
    ABC News special report on the current trends. Includes profiles of International terrorists.

  • BBE Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid
    Counterterrorist unit of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.

  • Counter Terrorism Page
    Travel advisories, news, and publications.

  • Covert Action Quarterly
    Covert Action Quarterly covers a wide variety of defense and security issues.

  • Cyber Terrorism
    Cyber-terrorism could be defined as the use of computing resources to intimidate or coerce others.

  • Domestic Preparedness
    A program coordinated by a federal interagency team, it is designed to prepare various agencies to deal with terrorist attacks in the United States.

  • ICT - Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
    Israel-based clearinghouse for information on international terrorism, featuring daily and weekly news and analysis, a database on terror attacks and profiles of terrorist organizations.

  • NSI Counterterrorism
    National Security Institute's security resource net.

  • National Medical Response Planning
    Medical response planning in the event of a major terrorist incident involving a weapon of mass destruction.

  • North American Special Operations Group
    A robust intelligence resource network, specializing in military and law enforcement information and resources.

  • Patterns of Global Terrorism
    U.S. State Departments annual report of significant terroristic incidents.

  • Radio Frequency Weapons
    Joint Economic Committee Hearing on Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation.

  • South Asia Terrorism Portal
    Information, data and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia. Includes current assessments of major conflicts in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, backgrounders, timelines, documents, critical writings, data and daily news updates. Free Access to FAULTLINES: WRITINGS ON CONFLICT & RESOLUTION, quarterly journal of the Institute for Conflict Management.

  • Terrorism Research Center
    The basics of terrorism.

  • The Henry L. Stimson Center
    An independent, nonprofit, public policy institute committed to finding and promoting innovative solutions to the security challenges confronting the United States and other nations in the twenty-first century.

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